Christmas Club Closures

Over the Chistmas period our clubs will be closed between the following dates, depend on the sensei. If you need anything clarifying, please contact your sensei directly.

SenseiLast lesson onOpen again on
Sensei Ian21st December3rd January
Sensei Matt18th December8th January
Sensei Adam/Craig18th December8th January
Sensei Alyce19th DecemberTBA
Sensei Dave17th December3rd January
Sensei Phil/Doug16th December6th January
Sensei Tom18th December8th January
Sensei Katherine21st December4th January
Sensei Chelsie21st December4th January
Sensei KyleTBATBA

Club Status

Short Notice closures will be posted on Facebook

2018 Calendar

Latest 2018 dates now available, see calendar

Female Ju Jitsuka

Our Megan Douglas has written an article about females in martial arts. The full article can be seen HERE

New Student Experience

Trying Ju Jitsu for the first time may be daunting for some. The ‘unknown’ can at times put off some perspective students. We recently caught up with one of our newest members (Tracey) to find out how her first lesson went.

Journey to yellow belt

A continuation of the experiences and thoughts of a new member and her road to yellow belt. Read more HERE

You Tube Channel

Wakarishin have a You Tube channel. We will be adding techniques and help snippets. These will be added when filming allows so keep an eye on it as it should change regularly.