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Tracey Hunt


Hello, my name is Tracey Hunt and I am proud to be the Association Secretary to Wakarishin Ju-Jitsu Association.

I can usually be found at most Basildon club lessons, all Senior and Junior gradings,Ko Budo, Courses and our own competitions.

My work is varied within the Association from running the desk at most events to producing the majority of documents and syllabus sheets that we use.

All the certificates that are presented to students are also my creations. This gives me a great sense of pride to see students receiving an achievement and to know that I created their reward. Most students are very touched and proud that they have received their certificates and are always very complementary of them. This makes me feel very appreciated. The two certificates I am most proud of that are the Dan Grade certificate and one that I created for Sensei Sam Tonkin from South Africa when he ran a course for us. Sensei Sam has one of these hanging in his dojo in South Africa, which I feel very touched by.

My "working" (if you can call something that you absolutely love doing, work) for Sensei Ian started many years ago when my son Matt started Ju-Jitsu followed closely by my husband Steve. I used to watch Sensei Ian rushing to get the class started as well as taking subs, doing the register and dealing with any parents or students queries. I offered my help to take subs etc. which after some time, he accepted. I always remember the old syllabus sheets that Sensei Ian had for the junior students. They were very old, marked and stained of things that we dare not think about! I said would he like me to create some new sheets for him to replace the old ones. Again he gladly accepted and things just grew from there.

For the years I have been doing my job I have seen many students grow from small children to young adults and many achieving their Black Belts. You certainty build a great friendship with many of the adults and children and it is lovely to be an integral part of such a great extended family.

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