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Coaching Course

This page will explain how to apply to become a coach for the first time, or how to renew your current coaching qualification. New coaches, or those applying for a higher level coaching qualification for the first time, must attend a recognised coaching course organised by the BJJAGB. Existing coaches renewing their current level can do so online, without attending a course.

Who can apply to become a coach?

Your sensei must recommend you to be put forward to become a coach. Four levels of coaching qualification are available; each lasts three years and must be renewed within that period to remain valid. You must hold a current BJJAGB license, and be graded to the following level:

  • Novice Coach – Purple Belt or above
  • Assistant Coach – Brown Belt or above
  • Coach – 1 st Dan or above
  • Senior Coach – 3 rd Dan or above

What do I need in order to apply?

  • Enhanced DBS checkingrequired for all. Apply here (you will need a login and password from your sensei).
  • First aid certificaterequired for all. Take the online course here if you do not already have a valid certificate.
  • Professional indemnity insurancerequired for club runners only. Apply for insurance here.
  • Distance learning modules – new applicants must read the modules and submit essays as described below when sending your application, and then complete the online EDUCARE module (you will be sent a link by the BJJAGB after applying). Current coaches renewing an existing level do not need to send essays, but must complete an online CPD course prior to submitting their application, and then the online EDUCARE module once their application is received.

Please read the Coaching Course Criteria/Protocols for more details about what is required before applying. Applications should be sent 4 weeks prior to attending a coaching course.

Level and Prices

Level Type Fee Level Open To: Length of Course
1 Novice Coach £50 Purple Belt or above One Day Course
2 Assistant Coach £75 Brown Belt or above One Day Course
3 Coach £100 1st Dan or above Two Day Course
4 Senior Coach £125 3rd Dan or above Two Day Course
To renew an existing Grade £50

New applicants can apply for the level of coaching qualification appropriate to their grade, or any lower level; all levels must be paid for in advance of the course and the required criteria met for each level. So, for example, a 2 nd Dan black belt who has never taken a coaching qualification before and wants to assist at another sensei’s class can either apply to become a level 2 Assistant Coach and pay £125 (£50 + £75), or apply immediately for level 3 Coach, and pay £225 (£50 + £75 + £100).

A practical and theory exam will be set at the course for all attendees for each level taken.

Distance Learning modules & essays

(to be done in advance of the course)

Read the Child Protection Policy. Next, read the following modules:

After studying the modules for the level you are taking, write a short essay (one page of A4) for each, explaining how it relates to your Ju Jitsu. You MUST complete ALL modules for the coaching qualification level you are taking. If you are renewing an existing level, no essays need to be completed.

Sending your application

Download the Senior Coaching Application Form

The essays, completed application form, DBS certificate, First Aid certificate and Indemnity Insurance (if required) should be emailed to:

  • martin.dixon@mac.com
  • pape@blueyonder.co.uk
  • Your sensei and head of association

Email is preferred but if you are unable to send the required information by email, hard copies may be posted to: BJJAGB, 5 AVENUE PARADE, ACCRINGTON, BB5 6PN


Full payment must be made before you submit your application; bank details are listed on the application form, or you can pay online using Paypal here.


Once the BJJAGB receive your application, with all the required documents, you will be sent an EDUCARE link by email. Follow the link to complete the final online module, then send confirmation by email to the BJJAGB Chairman, martin.dixon@mac.com.

You are now ready to attend the practical coaching course.

Renewing an existing coaching level

Complete the Anti-Bullying CPD course before submitting your application. You will receive certificates for each module. Send this with your completed Coaches Renewal Application Form, DBS certificate, First Aid certificate and Indemnity Insurance (if required) to the BJJAGB, with your payment, as instructed above.

You will then receive a link to the EDUCARE Open Learning course; complete the module and confirm by email as instructed above.

Junior Coach

Level Type Fee Level Open To: Length of Course
1 Junior Coach £25 Cadet Black Belt One Day Course
2 Junior Coach £25 Cadet Black Belt One Day Course
To renew an existing Grade £25



The above modules plus

See application form for further information: Junior Coach Application Form

Click on the link below to download the Health & Safety Guidelines and Policy for Ju Jitsu

BJJAGB Health and Safety Guidelines

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